Sunday, November 13, 2011

Amazing version of Hedwig's Theme from Harry Potter

Sheet music and mp3 is available on Jarrod's web site. Of course the composer is the great John Williams.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Notes on the Treble and Bass Clef

I can only ever remember a few. I need to know them all:

Practice the Difficult Sections First

When learning a new piece of music it's a good idea to start the difficult parts first. The difficult parts take the longest to learn, so they should be given the most practice time.

So with Enter Sandman i'm starting with bars 83-105 from Scott Davis's arrangement. This section corresponds to the guitar solo from the original Metallica song. It's fast and fun.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Albert Frantz

Interesting site. key-notes

Albert points out that contrary to popular beliefs there are actually hidden advantages to learning piano as an adult.

"Adults have the enormous advantage of a developed capacity for concentration, and it's this that we most need for practicing piano. It's very easy for children to form bad practice habits that they can carry into adulthood, simply because their ability to concentrate was as yet undeveloped."
  • Adults learn of their own volition.
  • Adults have highly developed logical and critical thinking skills.
  • Adults can learn complex concepts much more easily and understand technical explanations.
  • Adults have developed attention spans.
  • Adults are emotionally developed.
  • Adults are able to read fluently.
  • Adults are fully grown

Albert says Mastering the piano means constantly refining several essential skills:

  • Piano practice
  • Ear training
  • Reading music
  • Piano technique
  • Piano theory
I did take some lessons when I was five years old.  However, this is encouraging that I didn't have to start at five and my goal may be achievable - even restarting at 41 years old.


Peter plays Scott Davis and he's great at it:

He also plays by ear and transcribes scott's work... check out his full channel here.

Peter plays on the same piano as I have. The Yamaha DGX630 Portable Grand.

Hotel California

Also from Rockfluence:

Another video of the same Scott D. Davis arrangement:

Wanted Dead or Alive

From Scott's album Rockfluence:

There's no sheet music for this one so I'll have to play by ear and transcribe.