Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Enter Sandman Project

When I was 5 years old I started piano lessons and I didn't do very well. I wasn't really inspired and the teacher didn't understand my learning style. I'm 41 now and I recently saw this video on you tube:

Nothing Else Matters - Scott D. Davis

Now that's inspiring. If I could play like that ....

So here's my goal and the reason for this blog. learn to play the following well enough to perform in a local piano bar ... And not get boo'ed out of the place. :-)

Enter Sandman
Nothing Else Matters
Hotel California
Sweet Child of Mine
Wanted Dead or Alive

Most of the sheet music is here: Inspiring Piano except for wanted dead or alive which I'll have to learn to play by ear and transcribe the music.

It's a big goal and I have no idea how to achieve it.... My musical journey begins today and I hope you come along for the ride...

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